Message from Rebanta Kr. Bhattarai

Rtn. Dr. Rebanta Kumar Bhattarai
President 2020-21

Dear fellow Rotarian

I had never imagined to be president of Rotary club of Bharaptur during a worldwide pandemic COVID-19 that isolated us in our homes, put on masks when we are out, kept our children out of school since March, 2020. It has huge economic losses in every aspects of life, along with missing all fellowship we did in the past and still the unsecure future for all of us.

Joining Rotary has changed my life and giving me more opportunities to devote time towards meaningful and worthy causes for the community. But, here I am, the 17th president of this club preparing to take over leadership during these unusual and difficult times in the history of present generation.

As Rotarians we learnt to look at these changes and challenges as a time of opportunity!  It is a time for all of us to open ourselves up to learning new skills and doing projects in new ways. 

How we are connected to each other virtually through ZOOM, that allows us to meet online together, safety in the convenience of our homes as we continue our work as the “People of Action” in our community and around the world.

As famous writers said “do the same thing in different way” Let us embrace the new technology this century has to offer. Let’s try new ways of doing things.

Placed in the leadership position this year, I will strive to improve attendance, involve all members to enjoy Rotary activities, increase membership, strengthen our Rotary image and create a positive change in communities. Our unique strength arises from the special relationship that we have built through our regular meetings, involvement in projects and participation in district events. Our authenticity shines through such interactions and trust in each other enables us to achieve great things together as a team! Rota year 2019-20 completed with historical achievement and I would like to congratulate Major Donor Rtn. Er. Suresh Bdr. Sen Thakuri, First lady IW Subhadra Sen and team of 2019-20 for your outstanding achievement.

I’m privileged to have a board of experienced shining Presidents and enthusiastic Rotarians who are eager to serve known for over the past 17 years in our community and across our globe. I look forward to another exciting and fun year ahead with all of you. Together we shall open the opportunity for us and communities and engage in meaningful projects that will fill this world with light.

I am so proud to be a Rotarian!

And so, I feel honored and humbled to become the President of the Rotary Club of Bharatpur for 2020-21 and with the help and support of this year’s executive, Board Members, and all of the Club Members, I know we will be able to work together to meet the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities of this coming year.

In fact, that is Rotary International’s theme for this year, “Rotary Opens Opportunities.”  Yes, I am so proud to be a Rotarian and to be part of this club that has already proven its abilities to reach out, seize an opportunity to work together in collaboration with different organization to offer immediate help to people in need at a rapid pace.

This coming year will be no exception! As President, this year, I promise to lead this club, by always being mindful of Rotarian’s 4-Way Test concerning the things I think, say or do –

Is it the TRUTH?

Is it FAIR to all concerned?

Will it build GOODWILL and better FRIENDSHIPS?

Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

And as our recently approved vision statement of our club states:  

Rotarians, “To reach out to needy communities and provide humanitarian service through participation of diverse professionals and promotion of Rotary ideals”

Yours in Rotary

Rtn. Dr. Rebanta Kumar Bhattarai

President 2020-20