Message from Mark Maloney

Dear fellow Rotarian’s,

When Gay and I began practicing law, we joined my father-in-law, Gilmer Blackburn, in his law firm. He had been practicing law in Decatur, Alabama, for more than 25 years and, in that time, had also served for six years as the mayor of our city. One of the first things he taught us when we joined the firm — something he never stopped teaching, by word and by example — was the importance of paying what he referred to as our “civic rent.”

He considered paying your civic rent an obligation similar to paying your taxes or contributing to your place of worship. You benefit from being here, and those benefits are not free. You need to give something back for the privilege of being part of your community.

Organizations like Rotary allow us to pay our civic rent to our local and global communities. And when we join Rotary — when we work to keep the organization itself strong, when we give back through Rotary with our abilities, our time, and our resources — we are declaring that we know that our presence in this world carries with it the obligation to serve.

All of the service that Rotary does, all of the lives we change, all of the children in the world who will never, ever get polio — all of this happens because we, joining together through Rotary, are strong. Because Rotarians, with the family of Rotary, have risen to the challenge and with each passing year strive to make our world a better place.

As a global organization with over 1.2 million members, Rotary Connects the World. You help make that connection last and ensure both Rotary’s legacy and its future.

Kindest regards,

Mark Daniel Maloney
Rotary International President, 2019-2020